Prayer is Paying Attention

Remembering and saying goodbye to a friend today, I appreciated and found appropriate this entry from the starting point of Maureen’s and my readings which I call our “daily lectionary”:


In prayer, you encounter God in the soft breeze, in the distress and joy of your neighbor and in the loneliness of your own heart. —HENRI NOUWEN

What does it mean to pray? Sometimes we think of prayer as being consciously articulated thoughts, petitions, and thanksgivings addressed to God. We speak, or think, and wait for God to answer. But what if prayer is sometimes nothing more than a mood of being attentive to what is going on? Joan Baez has described prayer as Paying Attention. Perhaps in the mood of Paying Attention, we can welcome God into our lives—our joys and sorrows—as one who is also Paying Attention, and in that attentiveness understands and shares our sorrow, even as God’s love wraps us around in God’s mystery, and makes us feel we’re going to make it home.


God is present in my joy, and in my sorrow.

–from “Healing After Loss (Daily Meditations)”, Martha W. Hickman
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